Limited benefits packed

TAOS starts with i-CARD!

Guest can use i-CARD from the purchase date.(All days incuding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)
On sale at the box in the room for 800 yen!

How to use
After check-in, please insert i-CARD into the card reader next to the video deck and pull it out immediately.
When a green lamp turns on, welcome game starts.


Meal at points

Guest can enjoy meal spending points.

Get the latest designer brand doods.

Guest accumulating 2000 points can purchase designer brand goods in cash.
Only displayed goods at the 2F lobby.

Get gift certificate

Guest can exchange 5,000 yen gift certificate at 5000 points.
* Please fill in “i-CARD” goods gift application form.For details, please contact the front desk.* When using gift certificate, it’s non-added point

Choose 1000 items

Guest can purchase favorite items from the catalog.


All days including Saturday/ Sunday/ Holiday discount either “Day use ” or “Stay” for the basic price.

10% OFF for 1 to 10 visits
15% OFF for 11 to 30 visits
20% OFF for 31 to 60 visits
25% OFF for more than 61 visits


Points will be added according to your visit.
It will be 1 point for 30 yen.
We’ll award you 500 points (the equivalent of ¥500) just for enrolling.
The more points you earn, the bigger the reward you are eligible to receive.

10% OFF★Welcome game(roulette)

When “i-card” chek in after entering the room, the welcome game starts.
Welcome game only once. (In this game your points will not be spent.)
Earn points are added on that day.


For those who visit all rooms, We present goods in the showcase at the lobby.

Special discount for birthday or anniversary

Please fill out your birthday or anniversary the form.
50% discount for the basic pricce offer to guests.

※Birthday/anniversary discount can not be used on the day of coming to the hotel.
※One guest register for per “i-card”.


Special discount at Yago no Mori Hotel

We offer 10 % off basic price for all-days either “Day use” or “Stay”
at the Yago no Mori Hotel (Parador Le Annex store).
→Learn more Yagoto no Mori Hotel Official WEB