EVENT Members only! THANKS MEMBERS Get coupon!

Members only! THANKS MEMBERS Get coupon! At flat-rate ¥4,500 (90 minutes) on weekday.If you collect 8 stamps, you can get 50 % off of basic price next visit.

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NewsYoutuber SARU and Miyazaki Misakura’s video release

Youtuber's SARU and Miyazaki Mio Sakura[How to persuade a woman at a love hotel] SARU of famous Youtuber which was introduced on Instagram the other day and Mika Miyazaki of shooting model "Love Hotel: The Last Four Minutes for Women! The Impact Technique for Women to Become Mellow!" Has been released. Please have [...]

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PLAN Weekday Business Plan (Sun. – Thu.)

Weekday Business Plan (Sun. - Thu.) Check-in: 05:00pm Check-out: 12:00 pm We have started the plan for solo stay. Reservation is required. Guest may be allowed to temporarily leave. Including breakfast. For reservations, please call the following the number. TEL: 052-932-5005

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2017.04.20 Official website renewaled

Official WEB site renewal Official WEB site renewal Thank you very much for your continued patronage of TAOS Hotel. We are pleased inform you that our official WEB site has been renewed. This WEB site will be enhanced the website's accessibility for our guests and we will deliver great information to our guest. Please visit [...]

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